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Pudliszki Golabki in Tomato sauce - 600gm


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Pudliszki Golabki is prepared in accordance with the original recipe of Magda Tylman, winner of the best homemade dishes competition. The secret is pork and beef stuffing with a dash of cinnamon in its sauce. 

Ingredients: white cabbage 30%, water, pork 15%, rice, vegetables (onions 2.6%, carrots, parsley, celery), tomato paste 3,2%, salt, modified starch, wheat flour, sugar, flavouring spice [maltoder extremes, salt, sugar, rapeseed oil, vegetables, spices, yeast extract, aroma, flavor enhancers (5'-disodium ribonucleotide), acidity (citric acid)), spices, aroma, dried garlic. Without MSM (mechanically separated meat). No sodium glutamate.

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