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Pudliszki Concentrate Tomato Paste 30% / Koncentrat Pomidorowy 200gm


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Even a small blemish on the peel of a tomato can change the taste of the Pudliszki tomato specialty, which is the concentrate tomato paste. Therefore, they carefully select only fresh and ripe tomatoes, which are known from the seed stage, and then have them peeled, seeded and remove excess tomato juice. 

Pudliszki 30% concentrates are simply cleaned and graved tomatoes, from which they evaporated 70% water. A world of flavor in a jar.

In addition, thanks to heat treatment, tomato paste compared to fresh tomatoes can contain up to 2.5 times better digestible lycopene, a valuable antioxidant that is able to effectively slow down the aging processes of the skin.

Ingredients: tomato paste made from fresh tomatoes, without any additives.
This information might change, therefore please read the physical product label before consuming.

4.8/5 Trustpilot rating. Rated excellent!