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Pudliszki Beef Tripe - 500gm


The aromatic beef tripe (flaki wolowe po zamojsku) from Pudliszki is an ideal option for colder days and evenings. Just heat it up and serve straight away.

Ingredients: water, beef belly 34,6%, vegetables (onions 1,5%, celery, parsley 0,7%, carrots 0,5%), tomato paste 1,6 %, modified corn starch, wheat flour, flavouring spice [maltoder extreme, salt, sugar, rapeseed oil, vegetables, spices, yeast extract, aroma, flavour enhancer (5'-disodium ribonucleotide), acidity regulator (citric acid), dye (riboflavin)), liquid seasoning (water, salt, spirit vinegar, soy protein hydrolysate, aroma, dye (ammonia caramel-sulfide) canola oil, spices, salt, acidity regulator (citric acid), garlic.
This information might change, therefore please read the physical product label before consuming.