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Profi Sour Soup with Pork Sausage / Zurek z Kielbasa Wieprzowa 450gm

£1.75 £1.85

Sour soup with pork sausage (zurek z kielbasa wieprzowa) from Profi in a 450gm bag.

Ready-made meal. Just heat it.

Delicious soup with pieces of sausage, with the addition of garlic and roasted onions. Quite filling. You can enrich its taste by adding a chopped, boiled egg and potatoes.

Ingredients: water, leaven 20% (water, rye flour, garlic), pork sausage 10% (pork meat, salt, modified starch, spices, sugar), sour-cream, modified starch, wheat flour, salt, smoked pork fatback, roasted onions 0.4% (onions, palm oil, wheat flour, salt), garlic, rapeseed oil, marjoram, pepper, yeast extract, antioxidant: sodium ascorbate.
This information might change, therefore please read the physical product label before consuming.

4.8/5 Trustpilot rating. Rated excellent!