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What is the safest and most convenient means for the right portioning of food?

What is the safest and most convenient means for the right portioning of food?

If we want to stick to a particular diet, lose weight, or gain weight, nutritionists are advising to follow a certain amount of basic food groups we eat each day. Then look at the kitchen scale. But what if you want a healthy lifestyle that you don't want to lose weight without dieting? How do you know what food portion is right?

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In modern life, everyone knows that food can easily become messy and become our greatest enemy. Therefore, we need to find a solution to fully fuel our body without the risk of weight gain or stomach problems. Nutritionist Mihaela Bilic says the safest way to measure the right portion of food is to use the palm of your hand. Bilic said that the ideal plate size for each person is given by the size of the palms placed side by side. Obviously, women's palms are small, so the proportion is smaller than men's. And with the children, when we put food on their dishes, the size of their palms must also be considered.

Romanian nutritionist, Mihaela Bilic, guided by palms, explained how to eat properly without taking excessive risks.

Palms -The safest way to get the right parts. We always ask ourselves what to eat and what we are allowed to eat, but it all depends on how much we eat. The right part is the part that gives us the freedom to eat anything in moderation.

Sausages and cheese can be eaten with 2-3 fingers (or 2-3 slices), 2-3 teaspoons of candy, and 2-3 tablespoons of flour. That's the only way you can eat anything. If you want to draw an ideal plate, it should be the size of your palms side by side. It doesn't matter if your hands are small or a child. The perfect plate for you is about the size of a palm. And half of the plate should be vegetables.

Next, a quarter is protein (meat, fish, cheese, eggs) and the last quarter is carbohydrates (bread, polenta, pasta, rice, potatoes, pea, beans). When talking about soup, for some people the bowl should be as narrow as two fists, or two or three sticks. In general, the proportion of children aged 8-10 should be 25-30% smaller than that of adults.

And not only the portion, but also the number of dishes on the table is counted. The days of being able to eat more food are over. Today we can settle into a unique way of sitting. And if you want a variety and stay fit, eat half a starter, main course, or dessert. Ideally,  share each dish with someone. In reality, the portion normally offered is for two people.

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