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UHT Milk

UHT Milk

UHT stands for ultra high temperature processing, most commonly used for milk. The process is quick, heating the milk to 140 degrees Celsius for only three seconds which makes it nearly sterile.

While having a distinct taste, it has more or less became the norm across the world and the United Kingdom alone consumed just shy of 230 million liters of UHT milk in 2018 (latest data available).  

The % of total milk consumption occasions crowns milk in tea with 48%, followed by milk in coffee with 28%, milk in cereals with 28%, milk as a beverage with 8% and milk as an ingredient with 2%.


MyFooDen offers a range of UHT milk from Laciate, with fat percentages of 2% and 3.2%. 

Laciate UHT Milk 2% - Laciate UHT Milk 2% - 1L – MyFooDen

Laciate UHT Milk 3.2% - Laciate UHT Milk 3.2% - 1L – MyFooDen


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