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Traditional Romanian cabbage rolls - sarmale -

Traditional Romanian cabbage rolls - sarmale -

 Amongst the well known dishes in Romania, " sarmale " , also known as "cabbage rolls" or "stuffed cabbage" vary  from region to region but their taste is distinct. 

Preparation time is 60 minutes with cooking time of 120 minutes. 

You'll need the following:

   - 2 kg of pickled cabbage leaves - Murata Pickled Cabbage - approx. 3kg – MyFooDen

   - 450gm of minced pork & beef 

   - 50gm of rice - Atifco - Rice for Sarmale 1KG – MyFooDen

   - 200gm onion

   - oil for frying - Bunica Sunflower Oil 1L – MyFooDen

   - 100gm smoked pork ribs

   - 2-3 spoons of bulion (concentrated tomato paste) - Olympia - Bulion 18% (concentrated tomato paste) 314gm – MyFooDen

   - 2 bay leaves

   - salt and pepper to taste - Olympia Iodized Table Salt 500gm – MyFooDen

   - (optional) Spice mix for sarmale - Cosmin Spice Mix for Sarmale 20gm – MyFooDen

   - Sour cream to serve - sour cream - MyFooDen

If you've got a whole pickled cabbage, begin by disposing of the outer leaves and stalks and choose the leaves you will be using for rolling. 

Wash and finely chop the onion then fry in a little oil until it gets a golden brown color. Pour the onion into a bowl together with the minced meat, salt, pepper and rice and mix.

Take small portions from the mixture and place onto a cabbage leaf, then roll with the outer part folded inside.

The small leaves or the ones you will not be using to roll are to be kept and chopped to form a layer between each row of sarmale.

Use a deep saucepan and place a layer of chopped cabbage leaves, then begin placing your 'sarmale' and the smoked pork ribs; place a layer of chopped cabbage leaves between each row. 

When you're done placing the 'sarmale' into the saucepan, mix the 'bulion' with a little water and pour it over, then add the bay leaves and pepper. 

Let it boil on slow fire for two hours. Check on it from time to time and top up with boiling water if it evaporates. 

When they're done, serve on a plate with sprinkled dill or parsley on top and sour cream on the side.


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Source: Unica 

Photo by Karolina Kołodziejczak on Unsplash

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