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Tomatoes with cheese, a calamitous combination. Reasons to avoid

Tomatoes with cheese, a calamitous combination. Reasons to avoid

Romanian nutritionist Cristian Mărgărit explained that it is better to make this combination of dishes only occasionally. A good idea would be to add cheese and tomatoes and other ingredients such as arugula, olives or herbs. It is good because it contains magnesium.

But if you don't want to gain weight, you have to be very careful with the cheese. "We are talking about a traditional Romanian combination: tomatoes and cheese or cheese and tomatoes. This leads to death because many people overeat.

Most people don't know that cheese actually contains calcium, but it's too much calcium for adults. "The problem is the excess calcium in the cheese. Where do you think excess calcium builds up? It's in the bones, but unfortunately there are also problems with the blood vessels. If it is too high with too much calcium, I try to supplement it with magnesium-containing vegetables. ", Explains Cristian.

Wrap the unripe tomatoes in newspaper and place them in a cool place. It's an amazing trick no one has ever told you about.

Tomatoes are vegetables that you find in stores all year round. But only experienced chefs know the secret to making tomatoes last longer. This is a trick no one told me about. We can't give up tomatoes in the kitchen, because they are versatile, tasty, everyone likes them and they can make all kinds of recipes.

In summer, tomatoes are an indispensable kitchen element for new salad recipes. But to keep it fresh and fresh all the time, you have to rely on tricks that few people know about. If you find out that the tomatoes you bought are not yet ripe, you risk not getting the results you want when you go to cook something. There is a simple and quick trick to solve this problem.

You need a simple newspaper. Do not use magazine pages, only newsprint. Unripe tomatoes can be wrapped in newspaper and kept in a cool place all day to avoid moisture. Cooked in a short time, easy to use and delicious! Of course, this is a great trick. 

These foods should not be stored together. It spoils quickly and has a bitter taste. When buying, consider how to store it in your refrigerator or closet. There are foods that do not survive for many reasons.

Apples and Carrots - Apples produce a lot of ethylene, so be careful when storing them with other foods. Do not add apples, especially carrots, as they become bitter after a few days.

Cucumbers and tomatoes - Cucumbers are very sensitive to ethylene. Storage with tomatoes is not recommended, as they turn yellow quickly.

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