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Super popular Doctor's Sausage - Buy on MyFooDen

Super popular Doctor's Sausage - Buy on MyFooDen

A USSR invention, the original 'Doctor's Sausage' appears to have been produced in the early 1930's. Good taste, decent price and a great source of meat, it quickly became very popular.

In Russian, you'll call it ' doktorskaya kolbasa ', in Polish ' kiełbasa lekarska ' but it refers to the same type of sausage.

See the available range on MyFooDen, here. https://www.myfooden.com/pages/search-results-page?q=doctor%27s+sausage&page=3

Below we'll list the variety currently available, with direct links to the products. The order in which they are listed is random.

1. 3 Little Pigs - Doctor's Sausage "Lakomka" 650gm 
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/3-little-pigs-doctors-sausage-lakomka-650gm

2. 3 Little Pigs - Doctor's Sausage 850gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/3-little-pigs-doctors-sausage-850gm

3. 3 Little Pigs - Doctor's Sausage "Malyshka" 500gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/3-little-pigs-doctors-sausage-malyshka-500gm

4. 3 Little Pigs - Milk Sausage "Malyshka" 800gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/3-little-pigs-milk-sausage-malyshka-800gm

5. 3 Little Pigs - Semi-Smoked Doctor's Sausage 800gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/3-little-pigs-semi-smoked-doctors-sausage-800gm

6. Germes - Chicken Doctor's Sausage "Ryabushka" 400gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/germes-chicken-doctors-sausage-ryabushka-400gm

7. Germes - Doctor's Sausage "Retro" 800gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/germes-doctors-sausage-retro-800gm

8. Germes - Semi Smoked Sausage "Molochnaya" 500gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/germes-semi-smoked-sausage-molochnaya-500gm

9. Sokolow - Doctor's Sausage 1KG
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/sokolow-doctors-sausage-1kg

10. Nakotne - Doctor's Sausage with Cheese 850gm
Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/nakotne-doctors-sausage-with-cheese-850gm


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