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Protein rich foods. Which are the healthiest?

Protein rich foods. Which are the healthiest?

Protein is an important source of energy for the body. Eat protein-rich foods not only when you are weak and tired, but also when you want to reduce fat and sugar-rich foods. Protein fills you up!

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Choose the best high protein foods for breakfast and lunch when your body needs more energy. They are even more important in your diet when you have a lively life and a busy morning schedule.

Protein is a major nutrient that contributes to important processes in the body and is found in various tissues and structures, from hair, nails, joints to skin. It is very important to know that proteins transport vitamins, minerals, oxygen and sugars to various body tissues. They have a variety of functions and are important foundations for the growth and development of the human body for endurance and strength.

A balanced diet is a healthy and diverse diet. Do not eat high-protein foods unless you need to. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has determined that the average daily protein requirement is at least 0.83 grams per kilogram of body weight. A 70 kg adult needs at least 58 grams of protein daily.

The protein plays an important role in the body and is often used by people who want to control their weight or who need muscle mass. These are the benefits of a protein-rich diet: protein gives you a feeling of fullness, you lose weight, you avoid sweet snacks, and you lose weight or better control your weight I can.

Protein helps muscles and gives them strength and endurance during periods of intense activity. Your metabolism is boosted and you burn more calories every day. The risk of developing osteoporosis at a young age is much lower. Healing in the case of physical trauma is faster due to collagen. Joints, muscles and bones remain stronger. The risk of high blood pressure is low.
Breakfast should include most high-protein foods, whether animal-based or plant-based.

Eat an energetic and hearty meal and rarely feel the need for sweets until noon.

Best Animal Protein

Meat, eggs and milk are the best sources of animal protein.
This is the amount of protein per serving or 100 grams of product.

Chicken: Ectopus / Duck / Chicken: Protein 30-50g / Meat 100g Lean Beef: Protein 25g / Meat 100g Egg: Medium Egg Protein 6g Milk: Protein 8g / Serving Cream Cheese: Protein 28g / Serving Yogurt: Protein 17g / Serving Fish: 27-30g protein / 100g fish meat.

The best vegetable protein

Cabbage, beans and peas continue to be the best high-protein foods in the average diet. However, you can also try lentils and avocados. This is two delicious ingredients that can be used to make salads and are very tasty. Lens beans: Protein 18g / Serving 75g Chick beans: Protein 15g / Beans 150g: Protein 15g / Peas beans 150g: Protein 9g / Kinoa 120g: Protein 8g / Pistachio 180g: Protein 6g / Almond 30g: Protein 6g / Cabbage 25g: Protein 6g / Chia 100g: Protein 5g / Avocado 30g: Protein 4g Pumpkin seeds: Protein 8g / Sunflower seeds 30g: Protein 5g / 30g


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