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New range of Russian sunflower seeds - Tambov Wolf

New range of Russian sunflower seeds - Tambov Wolf

When you open the bag, it will be like the seeds have just been roasted for you. 

Tambov Wolf is top of the range when it comes to quality, having won the 'Best Product' award at Prodexpo in 2016. Available to buy on MyFooDen in multiple packaging options.

The producer monitors the quality of products from the incipient stage of cultivation. They ensure only identical, pure and large seeds find their way into the final bag, which is an innovative high-barrier packaging that helps preserve all the nutrients, flavour and taste.

Available on MyFooDen:

1. Roasted Black Sunflower Seeds 190gm

Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/tambov-wolf-roasted-black-sunflower-seeds-190gm

2. Roasted Black Sunflower Seeds 500gm

Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/tambov-wolf-roasted-black-sunflower-seeds-500gm

3. Roasted Salted Black Sunflower Seeds 200gm

Link: https://www.myfooden.com/products/tambov-wolf-roasted-salted-black-sunflower-seeds-200gm


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