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A kettle on a mobile cooker appearing to boil coffee.

Kettle coffee recipe

Kettle coffee is a superb recipe if enjoyed with moderation and is perhaps one of the most popular ways coffee is prepared across Eastern Europe.

Preparation time: 3-5 minutes

The recipe:

Measure the required water quantity with the mug you will be drinking with then pour into the kettle. Add two teaspoons of ground coffee and one teaspoon of sugar (optional), then let it reach the boiling point.

When it starts boiling, foam will appear on top which will be taken with a spoon and poured into the mug; let it boil some more and when foam appears again, pour about half the coffee into the mug and let the rest boil a little more, a few seconds. 
Lastly, pour the remaining of the coffee into the mug and enjoy!

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