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Kefir and drinking yogurt

Kefir and drinking yogurt

Yogurt and its 'cousins' have been in our diets for as long as we remember because it's very nutritious and gives you a natural boost. 

The natural process of making yogurt implies the bacterial fermentation of milk, a process that produces lactic acid which in turn gets the milk to curdle. 

Yogurt has small quantities of almost every nutrient required by your body, such as Calcium, Vitamins B | B12, riboflavin, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium and is naturally high in protein.

Kefir on the other hand distinguishes itself by being a fermented milk drink thinner in consistency, which makes it more of a drink, comparable to yogurt. Kefir has a sour taste and  its flavor is determined by the length of fermentation.

The process of making kefir implies using kefir grains and cow milk, where the grains are small jelly-like pearls which contain a wide assortment of bacteria and yeasts.

MyFooDen's range of kefir and drinking yogurt with fruit extracts extends to Milko's products, a brand from Poland with a wide array of produce, from Milko cheese to milk, butter and others.

Find direct links to the Milko products, here:

Cherry drinking yogurt - Milko Cherry Drinking Yogurt - 330ml – MyFooDen

Natural buttermilk - Milko Natural Buttermilk - 330ml – MyFooDen

Kefir - Milko Natural Kefir - 1L – MyFooDen

Stracciatella yogurt - Milko Stracciatella Yogurt - 330ml – MyFooDen

Strawberry yogurt - Milko Strawberry Drinking Yogurt - 330ml – MyFooDen


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