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How to make a dietary eggplant salad?

How to make a dietary eggplant salad?

Eggplant salad season! And those who love this dish should know that eggplant salad will not fatten you if it is carefully prepared. 

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First, you need to cook the eggplant directly in the flame. Then we clean them and drain them well so that all the hot juices come out of them.

Then chop it onto a wood board with a ceramic knife to prevent it from oxidizing ... amazing! The flavor and quality of the eggplant salad increases when it is rubbed well, so put the egg yolk and a small amount of oil (sunflower oil is used to keep the taste unchanged) in a round bowl.

Using a deep bowl, a suitable spoon, put egg yolk and oil in it, add eggplant and rub/mix for 5-10 minutes. When mixed, mayonnaise is formed, so if you rub it, it will swell like bubbles. So you don't need a lot of oil, you get a diet and a delicious eggplant salad.


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