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How to look for the healthiest sauces?

How to look for the healthiest sauces?

Commercially available fried sauces are convenient, but in many cases contain unhealthy sodium. 

Ready-made sauces are a quick and easy way to spice up your meals during the week. Unfortunately, sodium may be too high and too much salt raises blood pressure, which increases the risk of heart disease. Read on to learn how to limit salt (and sugar).

salt (sodium)

Commercially available sauces are high in sodium, which is not good for your heart. Global food guidelines recommend a maximum sodium intake of 2,000 mg per day, some sauces being less than half a cup, ie three times more per 100 ml! To choose a low-sodium product, consult the nutrition information panel on the back of the bottle/pack, compare brands and choose a product with less than 1000 mg of sodium per 100 g.

Sauces have added sugar to balance the sweet and salty taste. Added sugars can come in a variety of forms and are often listed as ingredients on food labels, such as palm sugar, fructose and sucrose. For healthy shopping, choose products with less than 40 grams of sugar per 100 grams.

For example, a tablespoon of soy sauce contains about 1,400 mg of sodium, which is 70% of the recommended daily amount. Rice vinegar, mirin and cooking alcohol are basic ingredients that do not taste salty, so do not hesitate to use them.

Enjoy healthy cooking.
Fresh herbs such as coriander, Thai basil, lemon grass, mint and lime kaffir leaves.
Spices such as cloves, cumin, five spices, cinnamon, turmeric and star anise
It tastes of garlic, ginger, onion, green onion, fresh chili and galangal. fried sauce
Bottled sauces such as oysters, teriyaki and black beans can also have a lot of sodium content. Some also contain 50% sugar, which can be very sweet. Use a small amount of this fried sauce or add water to thicken it.

curry paste
The Indian curry paste bought from the store is made with spicy ingredients such as garlic, shrimp paste and spices and with as much salt as you can imagine, so use it in moderation. If you have time, it is good to make your own curry paste by adjusting the amount of salt.

Add a little unsalted chili oil or Japanese mayonnaise for a healthier twist. Avoid sweet or hot chili sauce, as they may be high in sodium and / or sugar.

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