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Green tea - how to prepare it and when it's wise to drink it

Green tea - how to prepare it and when it's wise to drink it

Green tea has many benefits, and if you want to enjoy it to the fullest, you need to know when and how to drink a cup. See when to drink green tea based on your body's needs.

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Green Tea - Warnings and Contraindications

No more than 5 glasses a day as it can cause headaches, diarrhea, or tachycardia. Do not mix green tea with medicines, especially without first consulting your doctor.

Green tea is a healthy drink, but it can interact with certain medicines, so it's a good idea to know this before mixing. Do not drink green tea if you have anemia or heart problems. Green tea can exacerbate these symptoms.

If you want to lose weight with green tea or if you want to use green tea therapy to reduce unnecessary weight, take a glass of green tea 20 minutes after eating.

What vitamins and minerals does green tea contain?

To use a beverage to balance protein, vitamins and minerals, drink a glass of green tea before meals. It balances magnesium in the body's diet and promotes the absorption of vitamins C and E from food.

Green tea is also healthy for children and is sweetened with honey (not sugar) before eating. The optimal amount for small children is up to 1 cup per day, but it is desirable not to do it in the evening, because it gives the children a lot of energy.

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