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Benefits of Oat Flakes and Porridge recipe

Benefits of Oat Flakes and Porridge recipe

Oat flakes are commonly found on our breakfast ingredient list and are amongst the healthiest and porridge was already declared a champion breakfast ingredient, fully customisable in the kitchen, with nuts, honey, jam, berries and so on.

Porridge comes across as a typical American food and there is data to indicate it started from them.

Here are the benefits of consuming oat flakes.

1. Nutrient rich: Magnesium, iron, folic acid, Zinc, B Vitamins, Calcium, Potassium, etc. Apparently, just 50gm of oat flakes will bring you a considerable amount of vitamins.

2. Provide healthy antioxidants to promote a healthy body.

3. They contain a special fiber which reduces the bad cholesterol levels.

4. They help fight body wide inflamation.

5. Helps with constipation.

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