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6 reasons why you should eat garlic every day

6 reasons why you should eat garlic every day

How much do you like garlic? Many like it. Not only is it delicious with any food, it is also good for your health! Do you want more garlic? Read on to see why it's good to eat garlic.

1. Good dental health
Many studies have shown that garlic can be a good alternative for treating inflammation. Garlic is also naturally antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal. This applies to all small organisms that live in the oral cavity and have a significant impact on health. care!

2. Good general health
Are you working to improve your endurance? It is important to add more garlic to your diet. In addition, several studies have shown that garlic oil reduces stress on the heart during exercise. Moreover, the fact that it was known in antiquity may be absurd. In ancient Greece, garlic was used by Olympic athletes and hardworking people. This made the hard work much easier.

3. Anti-aging effect
There is now strong evidence that eating garlic can help combat "oxidative stress", especially the aging process. In other words, we age by turning food and oxygen into energy. But sometimes our body becomes so excited about this process that it destroys other cells. As a result, the skin weakens and the brain slows down. This is the result of "oxidative stress". In these cases, it may be helpful to include garlic in your diet. This fragrant plant increases the production of substances in the blood that counteract the excessive oxidation of the body's cells. These substances are known as antioxidants. Garlic, for example, helps to delay the signs of aging. Are you interested? Keep reading on the next page.

4. More attractive with garlic
This may be contradictory, but it is true. Of course, garlic is known to affect bad breath. But did you know that vegetables also affect body odor? According to a 2016 study, the effects of garlic on body odor are largely positive. Olfactory test participants described the smell of garlic as "less intense" and "more attractive." This may be due to the antibacterial properties of garlic. Bacteria that cause bad breath are reduced by garlic. Note: This method works best if you eat garlic the day before the meeting. Of course, it is not recommended to eat garlic in advance.

5. Fresh garlic strengthens the immune system
The health benefits of garlic are known to our grandparents and great-grandparents. It has been known for centuries that this plant has antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. However, you should eat raw garlic to strengthen your immune system. Chopping or chopping the garlic will remove the "allicin". Although this substance has many health benefits, most allicin is lost when garlic is heated.

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